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Tailored for your goals

Whether you have a specific goal, such as losing or gaining weight within a certain timeframe, or whether you simply like to eat healthy and tasty food despite a busy schedule: The Healthy Chef is there to help you achieve your goals through a tailor-made food plan.

Healthy and delicious

Through the daily compilation of varied menus, The Healthy Chef stimulates the optimal absorption of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Every food box will surprise your taste buds, while your body will receive exactly what it needs!

Fresh and local

To offer you the freshest meals, we source all our ingredients from local suppliers. Our way of working supports local farmers, while decreasing the use of packaging materials and the emission of CO2. That way, you can enjoy our food with a clean conscience.

Easy and fast

The danger of falling for fast food is ever-lurking, especially for people with a busy schedule. The Healthy Chef takes that temptation away by offering healthy snacks and fast meals which will certainly get you through your day. Eating healthy and delicious food was never that easy!

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Combine healthy and delicious

The Healthy Chef is the solution for everyone who likes to combine a healthy lifestyle with tasty food. Whether you have a physical goal (such a losing or gaining weight over a certain period) or just because you want to stay in shape while maintaining a busy schedule.

The menus are processed in a calculation program in such a way that macronutrients (fats, proteins and carbohydrates) can be calculated per grams and per person. In this program dietary requirements and allergies are taken into account. The result is a meal plan that is entirely tailor-made according to your goals and needs.

What customers say

An easy way to keep eating healthy. Delicious meals and snacks! It is clear that with care and attention has been cooked for you. Very varied quality healthy food that also tastes delicious. Really one recommended!


Customer at The Healthy Chef

The Healthy Chef has been taking care of my daily food and drink for some time now I can only say that it works very well! The portions are good, meals very varied and very tasteful. I eat without even thinking about it healthy and delicious all week.


Customer at The Healthy Chef

Love love love The Healthy Chef! The principle makes healthy and varied food so easy that you don't feel like eating for cook yourself. I have never had the exact same meal so that shows how varied it is. I am mega satisfied with these toppers!


Customer at The Healthy Chef

The Healthy Chef is a great concept for me when busy entrepreneur. I exercise very regularly but never have time / desire to devote myself completely to cooking. Always too busy. Then it is useful to have The Healthy Chef. All meals are fresh and delivered ready to use. Every time it is something different and there is a lot of variation. Definitely has a boost given to my resistance. Recommended.


Customer at The Healthy Chef